Want The Elegant Stoner to review your product?

We love cannabis and everything about it. We’re huge fans of trying out flower strains, vape carts and batteries, water pipes and regular pipes, new types of lighters and wicks, and oh man, all of the edibles.

So if you’re working on something cool in the realm of cannabis, we here at The Elegant Stoner want to try it! If you have sample products and it’s legal to mail or deliver them to us in Southern California, by all means, send them along, and we’ll be happy to give them a try and write up a post about them. If you have a tasty strain, we might call it out on the Strain Gauge review series, or if you have a great vape, we might include it in our regular roundups of the best options available!

One note of caution: We’re an independent media outlet, and we take objectivity seriously. We’ll outline exactly what free review product was offered to us on the post itself (so you can’t just buy us out), and we’ll be honest and objective about whatever our experience is (so you can’t be angry when we say your product sucks — which we will if it does). If you want to send us something to try, you better make sure it’s good, or at least not be all surprised when we tell the whole Internet we didn’t like it.

If that’s ok with you, we’d love to write about your product! Send us a note at theelegantstoner42 at gmail.com, or hit us up on the contact form. Looking forward to trying out whatever you’re working on!