Hemper's subscription box is an easy way to accessorize your stash (or someone else's)

Hemper's subscription box is an easy way to accessorize your stash (or someone else's)

Subscription boxes are a pretty common service these days — the idea is that you pay a fee every month, and then you get shipped a box full of stuff related to the theme of the subscription. Lootbox is a subscription box for geeks, for example, and BarkBox provides supplies and treats for your pet. Hemper is a company that does the same thing for smokers, and when they emailed us offering to sample their latest box, we readily agreed. They shipped it over, and we broke open the contents, as you can see below, to check them out for review.


We’ll start with the obvious first: As you might imagine, with cannabis laws the way they are in the US, there’s no actual cannabis here. Hemper’s box is all about smoking accessories, not actual flower or product. The second we spot a cannabis of the month club, we’ll let you know, but for now, Hemper offers some finely made accessories to assist your sessions, no actual drugs included. The box itself is relatively small — about 6 x 9 inches — and this particular month featured a collaboration with a brand called Henny, part of the Connetic skate and clothing label.

Inside the box, packed carefully together, we found:

-A Hemper/Henny sticker

-A square Henny/Hemper air freshener (the scent was hard to place - there were notes of vanilla and maybe cinnamon)

-A small green sealable Hemper camo storage bag, big enough to hold a joint or two

-Two packs of rolling papers: One pack of Hemper/Henny collab papers, and a bigger pack of Hemper’s Luxury Notes rolling papers (printed to look like $100 bills)

-A pack of Hemper filter tips

-A Hemper branded Clipper lighter

-A ceramic Hemper “New Money” ashtray

-And the highlight of the box, a Hemper and Henny branded Bong V2


All in all, a nice set of items. The sticker, the storage bag, and the air freshener are probably the least interesting — while you can probably put the air freshener to good use somewhere, or maybe use the storage bag to carry a joint out and about, those aren’t really items that will become part of your every day operations.

The rolling papers and filter tips are high quality, though. and the printing on the Luxury Notes papers is funny and impressive. Even if you don’t want the box, you can pick up the papers separately on the website for just a few bucks, and while everyone has their own favorite rolling papers, these are a pretty solid choice. Wrapping your joints in what look like benjamins is a fun way to live the life for sure.

The two standout items of the box are definitely the ashtray and the bong. The ashtray is fully ceramic — Hemper sells a version on its website that is silicone, but this is the real thing. It’s well made and sturdy, with a gold H logo on the inside, stylized gold designs around the outside, and a “Hemper Co. Los Angeles” brand on the bottom. We don’t usually have a ton of ashtrays sitting around the house, but this one’s nice enough to sit out on a table, and it’s big enough to use when you’ve got a few friends over to catch ash all day.

The bong is the other centerpiece — it’s not big (about 7 1/2” tall), but it’s a unique champagne bottle design that seems exclusive to the pack (Hemper sells a similar Gang Rig on their site, but it’s modeled after a different bottle). And it is a fully functional bong, complete with a 14mm bowl and adapter — you could put a HydraVonG on this guy and have yourself a really fun time.

All together, Hemper’s box will cost you $39.99. Is it worth it? Obviously, if you’re set up for rolling papers and don’t need more glass sitting around, it might not be. Some smokers already have all of the gear they need, and while it is good to refresh your collection once in a while, if you’ve already got what you need, then maybe just go grab some Luxury Notes when your paper supply runs low.


On the other hand, if you’re new to smoking or want to fill out a stash quickly, Hemper’s box is a great deal. You get a really nice spread of everything you’ll need to try cannabis a few different ways, and you’ll get some pretty unique, well-made pieces that you can use and show off with confidence. The holidays are coming up as well, and if you know someone who’s just gotten into cannabis, grabbing a box for them would make for a nice gift with a lot of value. The bong alone would probably make this pack worth it for someone just starting out — it’s not the biggest or most complex piece you’ll find, but it’s got a full percolator and joint on it, so it could be a great introduction to the wild world of water pipes and all that’s possible there.

If we had one complaint at all, it’s that the collab isn’t all that exciting — no offense to Henny or Connetic, but uncool as The Elegant Stoner is, we’d never heard of them before. Hemper has done other collaborations that are slightly more interesting (they’ve teamed up with CustomGrow420 and Cactus Jack before, and you can still buy some of their old boxes on the site, for a slightly higher price), but it would be cool to see them teaming up with more accessible brands, or go for more generic-themed boxes (this pineapple-themed box is neat as well).

That’s just an aesthetic preference, however — even though the Henny brand doesn’t necessarily appeal to us, these products are well-designed and definitely look cool. It’s also worth noting that you can adjust the frequency of the box when you sign up — a few packs of rolling papers every single month might be a lot, but you can sign up to get the box every two months or even every three months if you’d rather have a longer break in between. One thing we didn’t see on the site was some easy gifting options, but hopefully as the giving season rolls around, Hemper will make it easy to buy a box (or even a year of boxes) for someone else.

If you just need a refill or want a larger piece, or something more significant like a dab rig or a full vaporizers, then you can just shop around Hemper’s headshop (or stay tuned — we’re always looking at the latest and greatest gear here on the site). But if you’re looking for a quick way to easily fill out your collection (or a friend’s) with some quality items and some unique pieces, the Hemper box is a really cool way to do just that. We’ll have to look out for what they’re offering in the future — presumably, as the cannabis industry continues to develop and grow, there will be even more options for collaboration or cool items to include as time goes on.

Disclaimer: As mentioned, Hemper sent us their August subscription box for review. No other compensation for this post was offered or received.

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