VerdeVie teams up with artist Amber Vittoria to make a one-of-a-kind rolling tray

VerdeVie teams up with artist Amber Vittoria to make a one-of-a-kind rolling tray

VerdeVie is a pretty stylish cannabis brand that’s probably best known for the cannabag, a slick bag that you can fill up with great products like rolling papers, lighters, lighter sticks, and even scissors, if that’s what you’re interested in. Amber Vittoria is a New York-based artist and illustrator who specializes in the portrayal of women within art, and these two creators have teamed up together to create a pretty unique item: a rolling tray featuring Verde’s craftsmanship and Vittoria’s art, combined together into a gorgeous piece.

Yes, you might think that a rolling tray isn’t exactly the most necessary item, and yes, you might see the tray’s $150 price, and decide you’d rather use an old dinner plate, and you can definitely do that. But what’s most interesting here is what this tray represents. Vittoria’s work is both charming and abstract — it’s mostly images of women, usually posing on a 2D plane, and she tends to portray feminine bodies with qualities that previous art (or society) might normally find unwelcome; body hair, for example, or some extra flab. Her work celebrates those qualities, though, and turns them into something extremely unique and beautiful. Her figures at first appear awkward and misshapen, but the colors, forms, and poses she uses give them a vibrant, dynamic life.

And that kind of sentiment is especially welcome in the world of cannabis, where women and minorities have not always been represented well (and in many cases have been actually stereotyped or suppressed). One of the best things about legalization is that the community is able to rewrite the rules about who gets to benefit from cannabis, and if the process is done right, hopefully we’ll be able to support and empower people who have been attacked or silenced in the past. This tray, then, is a collaboration that helps show what’s possible in the future of cannabis — Vittoria’s art and images get exposure to an audience that will appreciate them, and Verde (which is female-owned) gets to sell a unique item that supports voices the cannabis industry needs.

In short, $150 might seem like a lot for a rolling tray, but supporting a collaboration like this helps ensure that the cannabis industry being created has room for everyone in it, including perspectives that might have been previously ignored or silenced. Every time you roll up a joint on this tray, you can not only check out Vittoria’s art among your papers and flower, but you can remember that you’re supporting female artists and building a better world (while also having a great time getting high and using a stylish piece of gear).

The Elegant Stoner was able to ask a few questions both of Verde and Vittoria, and their answers are below. The Verde x Amber Vittoria tray, made of acrylic and featuring a piece of art custom made for the project, is available on Verde’s website right now for $150.

ES: Why team up with Amber on this? How did this collaboration come about? 

VerdeVie: Creativity and art is at the core of VERDEVIE's concept and brand. Normalizing cannabis usage post-legalization has been a difficult task for everyone within the cannabis space. By visualizing cannabis in a new era, we truly felt creativity played a large role in its future; and this was where the world of creativity and cannabis collided.

ES: What do you think about the current status of women in cannabis? How would you like to see it improve going forward?

VV: Collaborating with Amber Vittoria was an organic partnership for us both — our worlds just “meshed” from the very start. Female-forward thinking and cannabis — the female plant — are intrinsically related in more forms then we think.  

ES: What's got you most excited about cannabis lately? What's your favorite thing about the cannabis community and/or being in this business?

VV: The transformation of the cannabis industry is the most exciting thing to watch and be a part of. The most valuable part about being part of the cannabis community is being at the forefront, and aiding in the destigmatization of cannabis while working towards its current and future role in society. 

ES: Amber, your work is both abstract and clear -- you're playing with space and form (sometimes in a silly way) but you're also trying to represent a very specific (and sometimes hard to find) portrayal of women. What do you think makes that mix so compelling for you? 

Amber Vittoria: The colorful nature of my work invites viewers in to have the difficult discussions portrayed within each piece.

ES: Has cannabis informed your creativity at all? What's your personal relationship with it? 

AV: I use cannabis to relax my mind when I have a migraine; it has been a wonderful alternative to typical migraine medication.

ES: How do you think this tray represents "the future of cannabis and femininity"? Where do you think we are now on those subjects, and where are we going? 

AV: My hope for cannabis is for it to be accepted into all facets of life, that it is rid of its very masculine trope.

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