CACannaBizCon 2019: Five questions with Simplifya

CACannaBizCon 2019: Five questions with Simplifya

The National Cannabis Industry Association’s annual California Cannabis Business Conference 2019 took place last week in Long Beach, CA, and The Elegant Stoner was in attendance, covering the show as it happened. The show expo featured lots of different businesses involved in the cannabis space, including many that don’t really sell consumer products — they offer help to growing cannabis businesses, or support the industry in other ways. Even though we mostly focus on cool stuff consumers can buy, we still wanted to highlight some of the people and businesses at the show, and so we’re going to be posting a series of quick interviews from around the CACannaBizCon 2019 show floor, asking people at the show what they’re up to, and what they’re thinking about in the cannabis industry.

What's your name, title, and what do you do?

My name is Amy Larson, and I am the vice president of sales and marketing with Simplifya. We are a regulatory and operational compliance software platform designed to help licensed operators protect their license and stay on top of all of the regulations that the state and local jurisdictions pass out.

How did you get involved in cannabis?

The company was founded in partnership with Vicente Sederberg, which is the law firm that got adult use legalization passed in the state of Colorado. And as they looked around and tried to figure out the best way to help their clients stay on top of all of these regulations without being lawyers, without trying to read and understand the regulations, that was really the birth of the software. So something to help all of these cannabis operators understand what they're doing and that they're staying within the law, make sure that they're not losing their license -- because these people have worked for years and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to get that license. So our ultimate goal is to help them stay in business so they can spend less time worrying about the laws and more time growing their plants or creating their products, which is really ultimately why we got all to the cannabis industry in the first place.

And I have a marketing and public relations background, and prior to joining Simplifya I launched the cannabis division of a marketing agency in Denver. And I knew that this industry was where I wanted to focus my time. I had the opportunity to join Simplifya, loved the platform, the vision, loved the idea of being able to help these people do things that are going to help keep them in business.

What do you like about the industry?

I love this industry -- I've actually been working in this industry for four or five years now. I love the camaraderie, I love the authenticity of this industry, I love the people and I love that there's just this feeling of, if one person succeeds we all succeeds. There's a sense of commitment to delivering a plant as medicine, and also helping to overcome the stigma around the plant.

What is the biggest obstacle you're facing?

I think the biggest obstacle we're facing as a company and as an industry is a lack of understanding. There's a lack of acceptance by people who don't know what the plant is and what it can offer. I think we've been as a society so brainwashed for so many years that those of us that work and live in legal markets take it for granted, and there's a lot of people who don't get it and don't see it. That education is going to be the biggest challenge that we have.

Anything you've seen that's cool lately or that you want to recommend?

I will do a shoutout -- I should honestly get paid to be their brand ambassador! but I'm not! -- I love Papa and Barkley. Their topical products, I love the purity of the product, I love the whole plant entourage effect. Their topical relief balms are amazing, and I think that they're definitely a company that has done it right. I'm based in Denver, but when I'm in California, that's definitely my go to.

Thanks for reading! You can see all of our NCIA CACannaBizCon 2019 interviews all in one place with our CACannaBizCon2019 tag. Stay tuned for more interviews with cannabis business owners and professionals, straight from the show floor.

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