Five tips for how to stop the munchies

Five tips for how to stop the munchies

We've all been there -- you light up some cannabis at home, you get a little hungry, you start poking around the kitchen, and before you know it, all of the Oreos are gone, you've had a couple of Hot Pockets, and that candy you were saving for the work week is all in your stomach. You've been hit by the munchies yet again. Its one of the few downsides of getting high -- some strains can just put that itch in your head to nibble, gobble, and eat.

But don't despair! One of the benefits of weed (versus something like alcohol or chocolate) is that there are no intrinsic calories, so while the drug may sometimes activate that munchie drive in your brain, you can avoid it, subvert it, or even use it to make yourself healthier! Here are five quick tips to help you stop the munchies even before they start.

1) Stay mindful

Admittedly, this tip is easier said than done (don't worry, we have some easier shortcuts on the way). But many times, the issue with munchies is that you are forgetting yourself -- you're giving up your conscious behavior, and giving in to your core drives. That's why, after you sober up, you see all of the wrappers around and feel regret.

Cannabis is a great enhancer -- it enhances the world around you, and so instead of avoiding that world (by snacking on sweets), you should immerse yourself in it! Grab a great album (we've got plenty of recommendations) and listen to that rather than eating while high. Get a movie you've seen sober a dozen times, and see what you notice that's new while you're under the influence. Draw something with crayons or markers, or even write if you want, and soon, you'll find that putting your focus elsewhere should help you deal with any cravings that happen to pop up. 

Ok, ok -- we get that staying mindful while high is easier said than done (especially if you're getting really, really high), but if you have a bad munchie addiction, it might be worth a try to just commit to experiencing life on its own while high, rather than trying to cram the calories in as well. 

2) Budget your snacks out

Sometimes, the problem is not that you're munching, but just that you're munching too much. If you find yourself digging around in the cabinets and eating more than you want to, maybe set yourself up with a certain amount of snacks before you light up that joint. It can be really fun to go out shopping sober, buy exactly the amount that you want (usually a few different types of tastes to try), and then come back, light up, and appreciate what your sober self purchased for you. You can put everything you're going to eat during a session in one place, and then commit to not eating more. 

That way, when you're high, you can slowly and steadily enjoy what you've budgeted out, and then consider yourself satiated. Yes, a whole pack of Oreos isn't good for you, but if you get a small container of a few ready while sober (along with a pre-poured glass of milk in the fridge), your high self will appreciate your sober self that much more.

3) Choose some healthier options

Ok, you say, sure, budgeting sounds good, but part of the fun of munchies is that you want to indulge, to splurge a little. Agreed -- sometimes the fun of munchies isn't the taste, but just that you're diving in on a big batch of food. That's fine -- in that case, just make sure you grab foods that aren't packed with calories, fat, and other processed junk. Grapes are a great stoner standby -- they're healthy and clean, and they add a satisfying juicy burst that can help with dry mouth as well. Popcorn can be great too, or flavored rice pop chips -- you can crunch and munch away on them without taking in a lot of calories. Fruit smoothies are a great choice as well -- especially on a hot summer day, there's nothing like a great strawberry banana smoothie after a few sativa hits.

Stacking up this healthy food can keep your calories low even when you're eating the whole bowl. Sure, there's no grease or bad sugar included, but when you're high, nearly everything tastes better anyway.

4) Eat beforehand, and drink lots of water

None of it works, you say -- no matter how much healthy food I have, I keep on eating bad stuff anyway. In that case, you might be best serve cutting yourself off before you ever light up. Before you smoke, plan out a big, healthy meal ahead of time. If you've just eaten a bunch of vegetables and steak before you smoke, you'll be less inclined to stuff your face even when you're stoned.

Water can help as well -- not only does it keep the dry mouth away, but it's calorie-free, and you probably need more of it than you're drinking anyway. Even when you find yourself eating the munchies, make sure you also drink a big glass of water or two with them, and you'll be less inclined to keep eating. 

5) If nothing else, get out of the house

So you've budgeted yourself, kept some healthy food around, and eaten a lot beforehand and you're chugging water but still finding yourself snacking on the bad stuff? At that point, maybe it's worth just leaving the house. Going for a walk or out to the gym while high is quite an experience, and not only does it get you away from your food stores, but it's great for your health, too! You should definitely stay safe (don't drive while high, and remember that in many states it's still illegal to smoke in public), but getting outdoors and going to do something away from food could be just the thing you need to keep from snacking.

And if, after all of that, you still find that you just want to get high and sit on your couch and eat junk food, maybe take a look at exactly why you're getting high and doing that. Cannabis should be used to make your life better, not to avoid problems or keep yourself from accomplishing things you want to accomplish. Fighting off the munchies is one thing, but you find yourself using cannabis or eating a lot of food consistently when you don't want to, then maybe it's worth examining the rest of your life (with the help of a friend or even a therapist if necessary) to figure out if what you're doing is really what you want to do.

Good luck! Using cannabis should be fun and healthy, and hopefully with these tips, you can make sure that you're coming away from each session feeling good about yourself and your life, rather than regretting doing something that you didn't want to do.

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