The Amsterdam Company's products could be the perfect holiday gift

The Amsterdam Company's products could be the perfect holiday gift

Let’s face it: despite these glory days of early legalization, it can sometimes be really hard to get into buying and using cannabis. Yes, legalization makes it much easier to find good product (not to mention no longer having to break the law to do it), but for anyone new to the industry, even the cleanest and most well-stocked dispensaries can be overwhelming. If you want to try flower, there’s so many different strain choices and pipes or water pipes to try, and there’s a dizzying amount of options for oils and extracts as well. Cannabis edibles are a little more approachable in general, but there’s still so many different options that for someone new to the counter, it can be a little tough to figure out exactly where to start.

Enter The Amsterdam Company. Based in the Netherlands, with production sites in California, Colorado, and Washington, they offer a few different products that are probably the easiest and best introduction to cannabis you’ll ever find. What they lack in terms of options they make up for quality and ease of use, and if you are someone or you know someone that’s been interested in trying great cannabis in a super simple way, The Amsterdam Company’s products could be the perfect holiday gift this year.


Full disclosure: The company kindly sent us two different products to try (though this is not a sponsored ad — these are our honest opinions on what they sent over. If you have a product you’d like us to test, feel free to use the contract form!). We were sent both a Blueberry King XIII vape and a pack of Yummy Gummy edibles. The whole process was very simple — after sharing our address, a few days later a clean and discreet package showed up at the door.

Inside, we found two of the most well-packaged cannabis products we’ve ever seen. Each piece came in its own box and wrapping, and even the materials for the packaging were very impressive — the outer box is very thick with a matte finish, and opening up each piece almost felt like unboxing an Apple product. You can tell there was a good amount of thought put into the experience of opening and using these products.

Both the vape and the gummies were well-labeled, and inside the vape case is not only the cart and battery (already pre-assembled and charged, which is a nice touch) but also a few well-printed sheets with instructions for use, Amsterdam Company information, and an info sheet on the included extract’s quality.

This was especially helpful, because going into the process, quality was our biggest question. There’s a lot of different extracts going around out there, and they come from all kinds of different sources. There are horror stories of extracts tainted with pesticides or additives, and again, someone starting out with cannabis may not know which brands to trust. The Amsterdam Company certainly does its best to put those concerns to rest, and what they provide here is some really excellent cannabis, with no pesticides detected and a whopping 98.9% THC.


And the taste reflects the readout, too — the Hybrid Indica strain we were sent is a mix of Blueberry Haze and King Louis XIII, and provides a sweet blueberry-like taste along with a powerful body high. The oil’s high THC means a few puffs of this will have you feeling nice and relaxed, and a few more might knock you out for the night. The whole experience of opening up the package and using the vape is extremely easy — you just tap five times on the bottom to turn on the vape, take a hit as the light goes on, and then tap a few times again to turn it off when you’re done.

All of that great design combines with the really impressive oil to make an experience that’s perfect for someone wanting to try cannabis as easily as possible. While more veteran stoners might want more freedom, you can’t argue with the quality here (and you can buy shatter separately from the company, if you’re just after the extract). If you have an older relative who wants to sleep better or just someone who would like a vape but doesn’t want to go through the trouble of the dispensary experience, The Amsterdam Company’s well-considered packaging and ease of use make this a great choice.


The gummies are also well made — they taste great, and while the dose of 25mg per piece is a little low for more experienced stoners (200mg in all 8 pieces), it’s perfect for someone who just wants a nice simple buzz (or some help with pain relief) at bedtime.

There are a few slight concerns. First and foremost, as mentioned, is that the vape cartridge is basically designed for a one-time use — it doesn’t come with a charger, and it can sometimes be hard to tell if it’s on or off. Getting stuck without a battery charge but with oil left over could be a problem, especially for someone not used to handling batteries and carts. It’s also expensive to basically buy a vape and battery every time when most dispensaries will just offer you a new cart for a cheaper price —though almost never up to this level of quality. The Apple comparison is helpful again on this point: you’re getting something really great here, but you’ll be paying a slight premium for it.

The gummies could also have been packaged a little more securely — while the packaging was impressive, it wasn’t airtight. Then again, the gummies have stayed fresh so far, even after a week or so, so maybe they’re secure enough even without a stronger seal.

Finally, while The Amsterdam Company says they will happily ship (for free!) to all 50 US states, it’s not quite clear how that’s legal. While we’re sure the post office isn’t going to bother with a well-sealed, discreet package like the one we got (especially within California), your mileage may vary if you’re in an illegal state or in some other situation.

Those very small concerns aside, however, these are some really great products, featuring some of the best quality you’ll find in a cannabis purchase (and definitely in one of the easiest ways to buy and use them). While there’s an argument here that these options are a little too expensive and limited for someone who really wants to try different strains or just stick with flower, The Amsterdam Company is worth a try even for experienced stoners. The quality really sets the bar high for the industry.

And if you know someone who’s been wanting to try cannabis in a way that’s super simple and easy, well, these products could be the perfect thing to put in a stocking or under a holiday tree this year. You can easily grab a vape, some gummies or a preroll over at The Amsterdam Company’s website.

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