Review: V2 Pro series 7 vaporizer is versatile but can be a little messy

Review: V2 Pro series 7 vaporizer is versatile but can be a little messy

The V2 Pro series 7 isn’t necessarily the flashiest vape V2 makes, but it is the biggest. While the company’s other vapes are similar to a thick pen, the series 7 is chunkier, about the size of a small media remote. Where the unit shines the most, though, isn’t in its size or heftiness, but in its versatility. The series 7 will vape almost anything you throw at it, whether that’s loose leaf, concentrate, or e-cigarette juice.

The e-cig juice option might be nice if you happen to smoke that, but we don’t, so while it’s a nice addition, it isn’t exactly relevant here. Instead, we’ve mostly used the vape for loose leaf, and tried the concentrate a few times as well.


The best news here is that for the price (about $149.99 if you buy it directly, or cheaper if you can find it on sale or slightly used), the series 7 delivers a solid experience. It’s not exactly perfect, but if you put up to about .2 or .3 gram of loose leaf in there (well-ground, preferably), you can take about 5-6 hits and get a pretty solid vapor and excellent high. The whole process isn’t quite as efficient as smoking, but it’s a lot less smelly, and especially if you need to be more discreet while out and about, it’s a handy device to have. The clouds you’ll get are visible but definitely not overwhelming, which can actually be a good thing if you’re just trying to get your session done, rather than impress your friends with a big exhale.

There are three different temperature settings on the series 7, which seems like a great idea, except that it’s hard to tell just where the temperature needs to be. Generally, we’ve just left it on the highest setting (assuming that would vape the most product), though if you really want to micro manage it, you could look around for the right temperature of your strain (hard to find for some obscure options), or work your way up, vaping the lowest temperature first and then slowly rising up during a session. Actually pulling works well — it feels like there’s a fan of some kind inside the unit that whirrs a bit as you pull, creating a really satisfying feeling. Hits can be a little warm, especially if you’ve got the vape on the highest setting and all warmed up, but they’ll do the job.

The problem, however, is that while a small chamber is nice for making sure your stash lasts a long time, it also means that you’ve only got a few big hits at a time. If you really want to push the temperature up as you go, you’ll have to switch settings a few different times in between only about four or five hits. After that, no matter what temperature you’re at, nearly everything will be gone and it’ll be time to refill the chamber.

Which, unfortunately, is the point where the series 7 falls down. Getting the chamber open is easy enough: The mouthpiece just twists off with one turn, and the cartridge (one of three, depending on what you’re consuming) is securely held with a magnet, so it pulls out for easy use. The mouthpiece collects debris as you pull, however, so every time you’ll need to clean the product out of the chamber, and wipe off the bottom on the mouthpiece. Using a q-tip soaked in alcohol will help, but especially if you’re using higher temperatures, the inside of the cartridge will blacken up over time (and if things get really bad, there are replacement cartridges to buy). 


Truth be told, the work of cleaning isn’t too far beyond a good bong or pipe anyway, but it can be a pain to have to clean out the cartridge every time. The initial kit does come with a few screens and filters, and these can help, but they’re very small and light and easy to lose. Our best experience came from just vaping away, saving the AVB in another container, and then using that aforementioned Q-tip. It’s a fair amount of work every time, but on the other hand it will keep your device’s life high.

Charging the unit is easy — there’s a USB cable that comes with the kit (as well as an electric adapter), and you can even use the vape while you charge it, which is a nice bonus. The vape and the charger both feel really well made, and not only is there that magnet holding onto the cartridge, but the charger cable also has a magnet to connect up to the vape unit easily. The kit also comes with a few brushes and picks, which does help make cleaning a bit less of a headache.

We’d describe the series 7 as an above average vaporizer, especially for the price. It can be a pain to clean, and the clouds and taste you’ll get aren’t the best. Good bud does still taste good and the high is nothing to scoff at, but it just doesn’t feel as effective as smoking the same strain.

On the other hand, though, what vape really does? With its impressive flexibility, solid build quality, and reliable vape, the series 7 is everything you’d want out of a mid-level vape and then some. Just be sure to have the q-tips and isopropyl ready for cleaning. 


Review Score: 4 / 5

The V2 pro series 7 is a very capable vape for loose leaf, concentrate, and e-cig juice (assuming you’ve got the cartridges for each). It can be a bit of a pain to clean, and won’t give the perfect high, but as a vape purchase for the price, it’s an excellent choice.


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