The marijuana industry is growing and changing. Weed used to be the domain of the secret stoner, hidden in back rooms and dark places. Now, with legalization and industry growth, it's time for a new kind of pothead: someone who cares about what they smoke, how they smoke it, and how they spend their time while high. It’s time for a cannabis enthusiast who is passionate about quality, justice, and yes, elegance. It's time for The Elegant Stoner.

Founded in November 2017.


The Elegant Stoner is a weblog dedicated to providing the best and most interesting news, views, and reviews around the new marijuana industry. The site is constantly being updated and improved, with new content added (almost) daily, and a growing community of cannabis enthusiasts developing around it. We’re dedicated to making this transitional stage of the cannabis industry healthy, safe, luxurious, happy, diverse, and fun. If you value our mission as much as we do, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Enjoy what you have. Be good to yourself and others. Live well and with wisdom.